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By Dan Gilgoff, Religion Editor

(CNN) — Mitt Romney is famously quiet about his Mormon faith, but his campaign has said that some of Thursday’s speakers at the Republican National Convention will shed light on the candidate’s role in the church and that Romney may open about his faith, too.

Thursday’s invocation will be delivered by Ken and Priscilla Hutchins, Mormons whom Romney befriended in their Massachusetts ward the word Mormons use for church. Another Romney Mormon friend and former co-worker, Grant Bennett, will deliver a prime-time speech.

The speakers are part of the campaign’s broader attempt to humanize Romney at this week’s convention, which has played host to a prominent speech by Romney’s wife, Ann, and will feature speeches from more Romney friends on Thursday.

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  1. Hey, bro! Long time no see! 😯
    I’m glad you found a way to preserve your name from the hijackers.
    I am not yet comfortable with getting a WordPress account, so it might be a while before I make the leap.
    I’ve been going elsewhere for my postings. CNN is like a slum now.
    – Sum Dude / Raison / Ironicus / etc.

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