Hello, everyone ! For those of you who follow and enjoy Peace2All and his posts on many message boards and including and especially ‘CNN’s Belief Blog’ it is me.

Looking forward to putting up some postings and receiving some good back and forth dialogue.


6 responses to “Peace2All

  1. Pretty snappy tech, Peace. All you need now is some tags to Drudge and AtlasShrugs.

    • @BG

      Hello, my friend ! Yeah… thought it was about time with all the mud-slinging and ‘moniker’ stealing to start my very own blog.

      When I get some time at some point, and I post some thoughts… I hope to have you put your ‘2 cents’ in, as I know you will help keep the dialogue…hmmm… ‘warm and fuzzy’ !

      Take care… BG


  2. Hey Peace! Welcome to WordPress.

  3. Hello Peace just wanted to say good luck with your blog keep it going with lots of interesting things and of course differing points of view. Bless You

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